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After developing a working process for making large artisanal batches of Corn Whiskey; 100 gallons at a time; Payton Fireman filmed an entire distilling season at his facility. The process, from cooking to fermentation and single run/double run to bottling and shipping, extends over five months. He serves as the worker/narrator to demonstrate all aspects of the physical and regulatory requirements necessary to operate a distilled spirits plant. 

The entire 2 ½ hour video is located on YouTube at the following link:

The video covers the distillery business from end to end, including:

1     Cooking the Mash

2     Fermentation

3     Single Run of Spirits

4     Materials Handling and Corn Disposal

5     Double Run Distillation

6     Blending and Pumping Operations

7     Blending to Bottling Proof

8     Bottling Operations

9     Labeling Operations

10   Shipping Whiskey out the Door.

Extensive commentary on all equipment in the shop and its operation.

The YouTube Channel is MoonshineDistilling  Some clips from the video are set out below.

Video Clips