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the Beverage Alcohol Industry
Following are some public domain reference works which may be useful.
This is Volume 9 Part 3 of the Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards.  It contains the original research and results on alcohol and water mixtures upon which the current gauging regimen is based.  Authored by Osborn & Pearce who were the principal investigators.  This is a 4Mb file and will take some time to open.  You might want to download it first and then give your Adobe Reader a minute or two to open it.

This is the Art of  Blending and Compounding Liquors.  It is an older work but gives an idea of what processes and procedures are used to make different types of spirits.   Some of the formulas are out dated and would never be approved in this day and age but many are still viable or their processes can be applied to new variations in blending.

This is the California Winery Practices Handbook. It gives a good overview of the procedures employed in conducting fermentations.
This a recent water quailty report for the Morgantown Utility Board.  This report gives an overview of many of the water considerations which a distiller must contend with in producing a quality product.   The West Virginia Distilling Co. is fortunate to have such high quality water to conduct its operations with. 

Google Books Links for Download


West Virginia Distilling Co. has collected links to the following Google books for reference. These publications belong to the public domain and are available for open reference:


A large older work on distillation is Industrial Alcohol its Manufacture and Use. Published in 1907 it still has interesting chapters and tables that can be of use. link


The Art of  Blending and Compounding Liquors and Wines (1886) is an early work on blending methods.  This book is also available for download on this site. link


United States Internal Revenue Gaugers’ Manual (1913) has older tables for gauging alcohol. link

The Gauger’s Weighing Manual of 1911 has older tables that one can use to gauge alcohol. This manual was superseded by the 1913 version but features 100 additional pages that might interest distillers. link

Physical Chemistry for Colleges by E.B. Millard.  Published in 1921. link

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Introduction to the principles of Physical Chemistry  by Edward W. Washburn, Published in 1921 has good discussions of basic properties of matter particularly liquids. link


Chemical Calculation Tables for Laboratories by Horace L. Wells.  Published in 1920.  This is a Logarithm Table corrected for 1920 atomic weights. link

Official Methods Of Analysis (1916): Table 7, which begins on page 345 of the book and 362 of the document, is a U.S. Bureau of Standards table for calculating percentage of Alcohol in mixtures by specific Gravity. This is essentially the same table as Table 6 except it is calculated using a temperature of 20°C which is 68°F rather than 60°F as is Table 6. link