Mountain Moonshine Home

The Sunshine's Best in Florida; the
Moonshine's Best in West Virginia.
The Forks of Cheat Winery and Distillery has over thirty years of experience as vintners and distillers. They make dozens of products, all of them very well, including Mountain Moonshine®. Following are some pictures of their facility, products and stills. See the Contact page for more information.

Mountain Moonshine® Made in West Virginia

Moonshine is a clear corn whiskey that is distilled from fermented corn mash. The fresh corn whiskey is Moonshine and is consumed without aging. Moonshine has a reputation far and wide as a clean, clear and potent liquor. West Virginia Moonshine is particularly renowned for its crisp, clear, taste. In 1999 Payton Fireman started West Virginia's first distilled spirits plant with license, WV-DRB-1. It’s signature product, Mountain Moonshine®, was the first licensed commercial moonshine to be made and sold in West Virginia. Until then, moonshine had been hard to find; all of it was distilled in the back woods, away from the prying eyes of tax revenue officers out to stop the illegal business of non-tax paid whiskey.

Now, moonshine is a very popular product and many brands are available but the original recipe of Mountain Moonshine® is continuing to be produced in its original home of Morgantown, West Virginia, by the Forks of Cheat Distillery. It is available statewide and regionally and is still winning awards for its judged quality.  


Moonshine Pictures & Awards 
Mountain Moonshine Old Oak Recipe takes Gold & Clear 

Moonshine takes Bronze in the Am.Craft Distiller's Awards 

from the American Distilling Institute Conference

Mountain Moonshine® takes Silver in the Moonshine category in the American Craft Distiller's Awards from the American Distilling Institute Conference.

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