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Distillery Operations Software is a suite of 80+ spreadsheets which is the companion software to the book; Distillery Operations: How to Run a Small Distillery, and contains the supporting operable calculations that comprise the book. These calculations primarily relate to the fermentation and engineering side of operating a distillery.


The software is fully functional and users can modify the input values for each worksheet to meet their own particular needs and print out the results. It comes with a money back guarantee if it is not suitable to the purchaser's needs.

The program was built in Excel and is compiled as an executable file using the DonEx compiler which creates and application shell that looks like Excel but does not require that Microsoft Excel itself be installed on the machine. See: https://doneex.com/


Note to purchasers: ABS 3.4 is compiled only for Microsoft Windows systems. It will not run on any other operating system (such as Mac OS X), even if you have Excel installed. The author regrets any inconvenience.


Purchasers will receive an email confirmation on the same business day as the purchase.

Because of restrictions on emailing executable files which is making it very difficult if not impossible to deliver the program via email; the program will be delivered via the Dropbox cloud service, if the purchaser has that ability, or as a CD via US Mail to the address associated with the purchase.


Distillery Operations Workbook 1.0
The Distillery Operations textbook is available through Amazon. The supporting worksheets can be purchased here using the Paypal link above.

Use this link to view the Amazon listing of the Distillery Operations paperback book. 


Following is a list of the functions that are contained in the program. The worksheets are arranged in the order in which they are discussed in the book.

1 From Alcohol Content to Boiling Point 
2 From Distillate Proof to Temperature 
3 Examples for Book and Manual Formulas 
4 Low Proof Formula for still contents 
5 Mash Density Gallon Beer 
6 Mash Density by % 
7 Size of Vessel 
8 Alpha Enzymes 
9 Gluc Enzymes 
10 Sugar Production 
11 Yeast Size 
13 Yeast Dosing 
14 Lebensraum for Yeast 
15 Sugar Values per Yeast 
16 Total Energy released by fermentation 
17 CO2 Footprint of Distilling 
18 Degrees per Minute 
19 Cooling Costs 
20 Btu's Cooling 
21 Btu's to heat water or water and corn 
22 Boiler Oil and Gas Use 
23 Scale up applied energy to gross energy 
24 Boiler Test Summary 
25 Scaling up Energy Required 
26 Relative Energy Costs 
27 Cook Run Data 
28 Data on Three Fermentation and Stripping Runs 
29 Analysis of a Stripping Run 
30 Analysis of a Stripping Run 
31 Analysis of a Stripping Run 
32 Analysis of a Stripping Run 
33 Determining Cooling Btu's applied 
34 Determining Cooling Btu's applied 
35 Simplified Cooling Calculations 
36 Find energy use based on run time per hour 
37 Water heating metric and English 
38 Find energy to vaporize water 
39 Find energy to vaporize water on Boiler Hp. Basis 
40 Find energy to heat and vaporize water 
41 Vaporize Alcohol based on Joules per Gram 
42 Vaporize Alcohol and Water mixtures based on % Alc. 
43 Vaporize Alcohol & Water mixtures by volume & % Alc 
44 Find boiler efficiency 
45 Heat and Vaporize alcohol by mass and Proof 
49 Heat and Vaporize alcohol by volume and Proof 
50 Energy Efficiency and Energy Unit Conversions 
51 From Boiler Hp. Find alcohol production 
52 From Kw hours find alcohol production 
53 From mass find energy required 
54 From volume find energy required 
55 Estimate flow through various condenser tubes 
56 Still Lid Pressure 
57 Volume Correction Any Temp 
58 Double Run Data 
59 Double Run Recovery 
60 List of boiling points 
61 Calculate Yield of alcohol for 2 successive years 
62 Report on fractionator still 
63 Double Run Costs 
64 Cook, Strip & Double Run Costs 
65 Analyse alcohol loss from barrel storage 
66 Find time for water filtration to produce required amounts 
67 Quantify the exothermic reaction from blending 
68 Calculate costs per bottle 
69 Alcohol Properties 
70 Constants used in operations 
71 Converters 
72 Extra worksheet that can be duplicated 
73 Henry's Law for Alchol 
74 Henry's Law for Water 
75 Henry's Law applied to Proof and Volume 
76 Henry's Law applied to Proof and Mass 
77 Blend Two Alchols by Weight 
78 Blend Two Alcohols by Wt. (2) 
79 Strip Run 3 Summary 
80 Converting atmospheric weighings to vacuum 
81 SG Air to SG Vac 
82 True SG 

83  Vol Cor. T37b Volume Correction Any Temp

84  Density Converter T37a    Density Correction to Any Temp

85  License Agreement