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Alcohol Blending Software (ABS 3.4) is a suite of 140+ spreadsheets that perform alcohol blending, gauging and accounting functions using the United States TTB calibration temperature of 60° F. (15.556° C).


The first sixty (60) functions of the program are primarily designed to allow US Distilled Spirits Plants to conduct their business operations in conformity with US regulatory requirements.

The remaining eighty (80) functions comprise the worksheets that are explained and described in volumes 1 & 2 of Alcohol Blending and Accounting. 

These include metric based blending procedures and the ability to blend at a calibration temperature of 20° C. using the International Alcohol Tables. The software is a companion to the two volume work, Alcohol Blending and Accounting and contains all of the procedures outlined in the two volumes.

The software is fully functional and users can modify the input values for each worksheet to meet their own particular needs. It comes with a money back guarantee if it is not suitable to the purchaser's needs.

The program was built in Excel and is compiled as an executable file using the DonEx compiler which creates and application shell that looks like Excel but does not require that Microsoft Excel itself be installed on the machine. See:


Note to purchasers: ABS 3.4 is compiled only for Microsoft Windows systems. It will not run on any other operating system (such as Mac OS X), even if you have Excel installed. The author regrets any inconvenience.


The two volumes of alcohol blending and accounting are sold separately from the software and are available through as described on this site. They are not bundled with the software purchase. The software itself is self-explanatory and the books are not required in order to effectively use the program.

Alcohol Blending Software 3.4


Purchasers will receive an email confirmation on the same business day as the purchase.

Because of restrictions on emailing executable files which is making it very difficult if not impossible to deliver the program via email; the program will be delivered via the Dropbox cloud service, if the purchaser has that ability, or as a CD via US Mail to the address associated with the purchase.


Following is a list of the functions that are contained in the program. The worksheets are arranged in the order in which they are discussed in the two books.

1   Find True Proof @ 60°F and Qualities of Alcohol @ 1/10 Proof

2   Batch Plan by Volume. Plan The Size of a Bottling Run

3   Batch Plan by Weight. Plan The Size of a Bottling Run

4   Blend One Alcohol by Weight

5   Blend One Alcohol by Total Batch Weight

6   Blend One Alcohol by Grams per Bottle

7   Blend One Alcohol by Volume

8   Blend by Total Volume

9   Plan and Blend One Alcohol by Total Volume

10   Blend Two Alcohols by Weight

11   Blend Two Alcohols by Volume

12   Plan and Blend Two Alcohols by Volume & Proof Gal. % of Each

13   Blend Two Alcohols in a Ratio by Volume

14   Blend One Alcohol By Weight Using Table 6 & Table 4 Together

15   True Proof Special Case Alcohol & Temp Both Whole Numbers

16   Rounding Errors Induced by Incorrect Use of Table 1

17   Calculate the Volume of a Round Vessel

18   Increase Proof by Volume - Make Port with Wine

19   Increase Proof by Weight - Make Port with Wine

20   Pearson's Square to Blend to Total Volume

21   Pearson's Square For Dilution of Known Volume of Alcohol

22   Pearson's Square For Increasing Proof of Mixture.

23   Algebraic Blending Formulas

24   Blend Two Alcohols to Unknown Target Proof By Weight

25   Blend Two Alcohols to Unknown Target Proof by Volume

26   Using Specific Gravity In Air, Find True Proof @ 60°F & True SG

27   Using Specific Gravity In Vac, Find True Proof @ 60°F & True SG

28   Blend SG 60/60 Air by Weight

29   Blend SG 60/60 Vac by Weight

30   Blend SG 60/60 Air by Volume

31   Blend SG 60/60 Vac by Volume

32   Volume Correction Present Volume to 60° F. Volume

33   Volume Correction from present Vol. & Apparent Proof to 60° Vol.

34   Volume Correction from 60° Vol. to Present Vol.

35   Translate Present Volume to Volume at any Temperature

36   Sight Glass or known Vol. Present Temp and Vol. to 60° Vol.

37   Volume Correction of Water used to Blend

38   Volume Correction When Bottling, Find Present Volume

39   Find Present Volume From Weight & Apparent Proof

40   Gauging Drums of Alcohol

41   Withdrawing Proof Gallons Using Number of Proof Gallons

42   Using Wine Gallons to find Weight & Proof Gallons

43   Using Specific Gravity Find Proof Gal. & Wine Gallons

44   Fill a Container using Weight, Temperature and Proof

45   Volume Correction to find Capacity of Container

46   Storage Report

47   Bottling Log + Processing Report and Storage Report Calcs.

48   Bottling Logs for a month summed with Processing Report

49   Excise Tax, Storage Report and Processing Account Reconciliation

50   Costs Per Bottle

51   Proof Gallon order for blending and Bottling

52   Plan For Number of Cases and Labels for a Production Run

53   Obscured Alcohol Using Weight to find Proof Gallons

54   Obscured Alcohol Using Volume to find Proof Gallons

55   Predict Obscuration of Proof by addition of solids to Volume

56  Predict Obscuration of Proof by addition of solids to Weight

57   Blend Obscured Alcohol by Weight to Target Proof

58   Add Solids and Predict Obscuration & Blend by Weight

59   Blend Obscured Alcohol by Volume to Target Proof

60   Add Solids and Predict Obscuration & Blend by Volume

61   Analysis of Obscuration

62   Adjust Mass of Water per Gal. Based on Dissolved Solids

63   Flavor Additions That Reduce the Volume of Water Required

64   Change Brix of Alc. & Find Vol. Change from Adding Sugar & Solids

65   Tax on Adding Wine as a Component

66   TTB public domain sheet for calculating Flavor Additions

67   Calculate Alcoholic Units for Consumption

68   Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

69   Use a 15° C. Hydrometer Calibrated SG Vac to Blend by Wt.

70   Analysis of What is Possible using §30.25 Procedures

71   Test Density Change from 15.556 at Whole Mass % Values

72   Find Vol % from 15.556

73   Hydrometer Correction in Table 1

74   Hydrometer Thermal Correction

75   Hydrometer Thermal Correction 2

76   Test changing Mass % to different calibration temps.

77   Find 15.556 Density from Apparent Density (SG's of .7 to 2.0)

78   Find Density at Temp. for Non-Alcohol Fluids (SG's of .7 to 2.0)

79   Mass % and Vol % (Alcohol Modules)

80   Blend to Unknown Mass %

81   Blend To Target Mass %

82   Decrease Density (Increase Proof)

83   Blend by Total Batch Mass

84   Total Volume Blend

85   IAT Density Blend at 20° C.

86   IAT Vol % Blend at 20° C.

87   Temperature Correction to 20° C. for Density Using IAT Table I

88   Temperature Correction for Volume % to 20° C. Using IAT Table II

89   Test IAT and TTB Temp Cor.

90   Correct Hydrometer for Surface Tension

91   206 Proof Calcs (Find densities and "Mass %" above 200 proof.

92   TTB Polynomials

93   IAT Table 3 Polynomials

94   IAT Table 4 Polynomials

95   Hydrometer Submergence

96   Dry Air Atmospheric Mass Input to Vac Mass.

97   Humid Air Atmospheric Mass Input to Vac Mass.

98   Convert Air Mass to IPK Vac Mass and Air Volume

99   Convert SG's or Densities from Air to Vac and Vice Versa

100   Water and Alcohol Analysis

101   Volume Analysis

102   Derive Values

103   History of the Liter

104   Official Methods of Analysis Alcohol Table

105   BOS & IAT Table Compare

106   Bureau of Standards Density Table by Mass %

107   BOS Table 49 (2)

108   Volume %

109   Strength v. Density

110   Henry's Law Water

111   Henry's Law Alcohol

112   Henry's Law For Blends

113   Henry's Law Vac Den in Atmosphere

114   Digital Scale

115   Centrifugal Acceleration

116   Attraction

117   Celestial Bodies

118   Tidal Force

119   Baumé Scale

120   Barometer Correction

121   IAT General Formula

122   Mathlouthi

123   Wagenbreth

124   Hackbarth

125   Wagenbreth, Mathlouthi, Hackbarth compared

126   Obscure Mass H2O With Sugar

127   Obscure 2 H2O With Sugar

128   Hackbarth Eq. 5a

129   Hackbarth Eq. 5b (1)

130   Hackbarth Eq. 5b (2)

131   Hackbarth Eq. 5c (1)

132   Hackbarth Eq. 5c (2)

133   Density Correction Broad Spectrum Table .7 to 2.0 SG

134   Compressibility of Water

135   Parts Alcohol & Water

136   Proof Gallon Modules

137   Density Calcs

138   Constants Used in Operations

139   Temperature and Mass Converters

140   IAT General Formula Values

141   Absolute Alcohol Density Lookup

142   Water Density Lookup

143   License Agreement