Gauging Tables TTB
Distillery Management Solutions for
the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Table 1 Corrects the temperature and Proof of Alcohol blends to 60°F.

Distillers must keep in mind that Table 1 can only be used directly to correct the temperature and Apparent Proof of Alcohol blends to 60°F ONLY in the special case where both temperature and Apparent Proof are whole number values.   Since this almost never happens when actual measurements are taken of spirits this table is truly a Special Case table only.  To find true corrected proof to 60° for intermediate temperatures and intermediate proofs one must us the § 30.23  procedures which are outlined in the Gauging Manual in §186.23.  One must look up the next higher and lower temps and higher and lower proofs in Table 1; then measure the differences then add and subtract them in the righ order in order to  arrive at an properly corrected proof.   This extended and math/lookup intensive procedure is run by ABS Alcohol Blending Software each time a calculation is made as required by the regulations.

Table 2 is not provided because it is a 17Mb file.   It can be obtained from the TTB website by following the following link. § 30.62   Table 2, showing wine gallons and proof gallons by weight.

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Table 3.  Determines the number of proof gallons from weight.
Table 4 Showing Wine Gallons per pound and Proof Gallons per Pound at 1/10 degree of proof increments for alcohol water mixtures @ 60°F. 
Table 5 Showing Pounds per Wine Gallon and Pounds per Proof Gallon at each whole degree of Proof @ 60°F.
Table 6 shows the respective volumes of Alcohol and Water in blends @60°F. It also shows the Specific Gravity (Relative Density to Water @ 60°) in Air and in a Vacuum for Alcohol and Water Blends @ 60° F.
Table 7 allows the user to correct the volume of Alcohol and Water blends to 60°F.